Summer before Law S​chool

So it’s been a hectic couple of months, and I thought I just update you guys on what has been going on with the process.

I told myself I was going to read 1l of a ride, getting to maybe,  One L, and law school confidential. I told myself, but in reality, I just did not want to read when reading was all I am going to be doing for the next month. I got through getting to maybe and started law school confidential, but that was about it. They were amazing reads I felt they helped me get a better grasp of what I am getting into, but my heart just was not into it, I spent my summer at the beach.  Enjoy your summer you have years of reading ahead of you.

I quit my job about 3 weeks before I left so that I could just have that mental break. Graduating in May, leaving my job in July, moving 11 hours away in August and starting law school in August.  It’s a process take time for your self you will need it. I had to mentally prepare myself for this, and I still feel unprepared.

I got my schedule, no 8 am classes whoop whoop! I have 6 classes though 6, let us pray now.

I have orientation tomorrow the beginning of the beginning! Let me get some sleep!


One thought on “Summer before Law S​chool

  1. In your pre-research I was glad you were able to disciminate where you could find the best Pinnacallotta ever! This might come in helpful in your research down the road.


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